Gerald R Ford Presidential Library

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

Located in Ann Arbor, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library is home to a wealth of information and documents related to an array of issue and policies that are focused on the period of President Ford. As this includes the Cold War, the information that is made available via these means is capable of unearthing a number of rather interesting insights into what was going on in the country at those times making for amazing reading for any individual that has an interest in this period of history.

Gerald R Ford Library

The Collections at the Presidential Library

At the absolute heart of the collection are a range of papers from 1974-77 representing not only President Ford but also various members of staff from the White House. Other collections include papers from both before and after his time as President as well as papers that belong to Betty Ford and a number of other Federal documents that help to really paint a picture of what was going on in the world at that time.

Additional researchers have also provided access to copies of interviews that took place during those years in order to provide a fuller picture for the visitor to then get during their visit to the library.

Programs and Events

Aside from the Presidential collection, there are also a number of other exhibits, events and programs held in the 50,000 square feet venue. With exhibits that change throughout the year, and with it being free admission, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library the changes are always announced on the website for the library in advance. Covering discussions of book, historical events, as well as subjects related to Michigan in general, the aim is to provide a wide array of events for people to attend throughout the year and with it being free entry, then there is no need to worry about costs at any point.

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library is a wonderful resource to explore in Ann Arbor since it gives you a better insight into the things that go on behind the scenes during the presidency. The plethora of documents to check out relate to some of the key historical moments from that time and give you a better understanding of the stresses and strains that holding that position will have on an individual.

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