Bay and Bow Windows

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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are the perfect choice for expanding the feel of a room, providing tons of light and beautiful views.

What are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay windows are comprised of three or more total windows, and project outwards from the room making them create more space inside the room itself. For this reason, they are also called “projection” windows. The main window is parallel to the wall, while the other windows create a gentle angle forming the full projection away from the home.

The main advantage to bay & boy windows is that they provide extremely beautiful viewing similar to picture windows, but also project outwards from the home creating an aesthetic that is simply unmatched. Since the windows project outwards from the home, they also create a shelf inside the room on the window sill that can be used for aesthetic purposes. All-in-all, bay and bow windows are perfect for aesthetic, and also increase the value of the home dramatically.

In terms of energy-efficiency, bay and bow windows are a fantastic choice. Since the windows do not open, the seal is airtight and resistant to outside air and water, making them extremely energy efficient. However, this is also a drawback to projection windows, as they typically do not provide airflow. However, you may choose to create a combination of picture windows and other windows that can open, such as double hung and casement windows to create the full package.

Casement windows come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles making them extremely versatile when it comes to the aesthetic of your home.

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