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Picture Windows

The ideal choice for light and expansive views, picture windows provide an unparalleled “picture” of the outdoors making them ideal for living rooms or dining rooms.

What is a Picture Window?

Picture windows are the ultimate window for expansive, beautiful views of the outdoors and broad entry of light into the home. The window itself has a thin frame, takes up a large space, and makes the room feel open and spacious. Picture windows do not open, but can be combined in a set or series of windows on a wall such as casement windows to create a beautiful combination of view and air flow. Picture windows are actually one of the most energy-efficient options out there when considering window types.

One of the main advantages of a picture window is the lack of an opening mechanism. While the obvious disadvantage here is that you cannot open the window to create air flow into the room, there are also no moving parts in the window. This makes picture windows very durable and reliable, as there are no replacement parts associated with the window as there are with other window types. This makes maintaining picture windows easy.

In addition, the large area of a picture window lets in tons of light to the room, opening the room up and making your home feel spacious. During the winter months, this large amount of sunlight can actually warm the home, reducing heating costs. Picture windows are made of very durable panes of glass, and depending on how much insulation you want, are extremely energy efficient since the lack of moving parts creates a completely airtight seal from the outdoors.

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