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Sliding Windows

Suitable for any room in the home, sliding windows are extremely versatile and affordable. They come in many sizes and styles and are very easy to operate.

What is a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows are perhaps the most common type of window in the American home. This is because they are extremely easy to operate, and extremely affordable. The window consists of two sashes that slide left to right (or right to left) on a track and open from either side of the frame. Sometimes, sliding windows consist of only one sliding sash as well.

With the track system of opening, sliding windows open very easily and provide great ventilation with minimal effort. Most times, sliding windows are preferred over double hung windows simply because the window slides horizontally on a track, whereas a double hung window must be heaved upwards to open and close.

In terms of energy-efficiency, you could probably do better than sliding windows. Window technology has improved and seals keep air and water out better than ever, but sliding windows are still one of the less energy-efficient window types. This is because of how the sashes open and close, it is difficult to create and maintain an airtight seal. In addition, the track of the sliding window tends to get grimy and dirty, so it is important to clean these regularly so the window stays in top shape.

These types of windows are so common because they come in a huge range of manufacturer styles and materials, making them fit easily into any home. They work well in any room, no matter the use, but are ideal in bedrooms and offices where you need a solid combination of light, air, and view.

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