The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig

Located in Ann Arbor, The Blind Pig is one of those music venues where its history and legacy is what makes it a special place to check out. Seen as one of the key venues for upcoming musicians and bands to effectively cut their teeth, it has live music on pretty much every evening throughout the year offering you ample opportunity to check out the venue itself and the cool atmosphere that it is able to generate.

The Blind Pig

The History of the Blind Pig

The name originates from the idea of police officers taking bribes to ignore things that were going on in the prohibition period even though the venue itself does not date back that far. Primarily established as a home for blues musicians back in the 1970’s, it has since grown its musical retinue to encompass any kind of music that you wish to imagine with all bands and musicians being welcomed into the venue to test their music out on the audience.

Beginning life as a European cafe, the owners quickly realized that a music venue was a better direction to head in, and it has grown from strength to strength since those early days.

Famous Names

A whole host of famous names have appeared on stage at this venue when they were just starting out on the road to fame and stardom. The likes of Nirvana, Soul Asylum, and Soundgarden are just three of the well-known names that have graced their doors. With a main focus on promoting indie music and local groups, one of the key things is in never knowing which next big name you are going to come across should you venture inside.

Through the decades, the venue has never lost any of its appeal and is seen as a true music venue where the acoustics are sound and the atmosphere is amazing. It is perhaps no surprise that it then forms a key part in the development of bands who can see if they are able to excite the crowd.

The Blind Pig is still going strong, and checking out one of their music nights in Ann Arbor is an absolute must for anybody that has even a slight interest in the local music scene.

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