Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium

Acting as the home for the University of Michigan, this is a stadium that is quite simply on a huge scale. Built in 1927, it has gone through various expansions to further increase its capacity resulting in a stadium that leaves some people in awe, and others in envy at the sheer scale.

Michigan Stadium

The Origins and Expanding Capacity

Built in Ann Arbor for a cost of just under $1 million back in 1927, the original Michigan Stadium had a capacity of 72,000. However, it was deemed that this was not enough with this having been anticipated in advance resulting in the original stadium having been designed in a way to allow for easier expansion. By 1928, it had already been increased to over 85,000 and by 1956 it had broken through the 100,000 number for the first time. Subsequent expansions have now brought it up to a total of 107,601 although it has been noted that there have been crowds that have exceeded that number from time to time.

Records and Games

Also known as ‘The Big House’ the stadium is the largest sporting arena in the United States and the second largest sporting stadium in the world. Its record attendance currently sits at 115,109 which was set at a college football game between Michigan and Notre Dame although it is not only football that the stadium is known for.

Instead, it has also played host to other sporting events such as soccer games, which saw a crowd of 109,000 watch Real Madrid play Manchester United, as well as a hockey game in 2014 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings in a match that was known as ‘The Big Chill in the Big House’. Furthermore, the stadium is also known for the graduation ceremony for the University of Michigan as well as acting as a platform for various speeches even by US Presidents.

Visiting the Michigan Stadium is certainly an experience in Ann Arbor, and it is something that you really should check out if the chance comes around for you. Being in a passionate crowd of that size is completely different to what you will experience anywhere else just be quick to get a ticket because even with something of this size it is not always that easy to get your hands on one.

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